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Experience the thrill of discovering the names of animals with our exceptional educational poster! This unique and exquisite design showcases a colorful A3 size that is suitable for all learners. Our superior quality laminated surface is not only resistant to tearing, but it also allows you to use a dry wipe pen to write and erase.


The poster's lucid visuals make it an outstanding resource for supervised Montessori and other educational activities. It is ideal for use in classrooms, nurseries, and at home, offering an enjoyable and interactive way to learn. Don't let this wonderful opportunity slip away to create a delightful learning experience for your children!

Learn your Animals (pick your lanaguage)

SKU: 00037
  • Bespoke handmade posters

    Materials: A3 sized durable gloss laminated

    Height: 42cm

    Width: 29.7cm

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