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Discover the joy of learning body parts in Igbo and Portugese with our one-of-a-kind educational poster! The bespoke and luxurious design features a colorful A3 size that is perfect for learners of all ages. Our high-quality laminated surface is not only tear-resistant, but it also allows you to write and erase using a dry wipe pen.


The poster's clear visuals make it an excellent tool for supervised Montessori and other learning activities. It's perfect for use in classrooms, nurseries, and at home, providing a fun and interactive way to learn. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make learning a joyous experience for your young ones!

Body Parts in Igbo and Portugese

SKU: 00025
  • Bespoke handmade posters

    Materials: A3 sized durable gloss laminated

    Height: 42cm

    Width: 29.7cm

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